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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

That's an ugly thing to say. Rape is a hideous, life-changing violation inflicted on a real human being, and it's immature, crass, and insensitive to use it as a metaphor for someone telling a story you didn't enjoy. Grow up and get a sense of proportion.
You grow up. It's an Internet expression that's been used millions of times before me and will be used a million times after.

What character? Part of why I liked "Sins Past" is that it actually gave Gwen Stacy a personality. Let's face it, until that story, Gwen was pretty much defined solely by one thing: her death. Before that, she was just a fairly ordinary love-interest character. And even in the story of her own death, she was nothing but a passive victim, a pawn sacrificed in the battle between two men.
So then I guess you would be OK, with say, revealing that Uncle Ben molested kids? It's perfectly fine, he was a one note character with no personality who was defined completely by his death. It would show he was human and flawed and had failings just like everyone else.

"Sins Past" redefined the story of her death so that the reasons for her death were about her, not just about Peter. It made her the central character in the defining story of her life rather than just a pretty prop to throw off a bridge so a male hero would be all angsty. And it makes her a real, nuanced human being with understandable, forgiveable human failings, rather than a shallow, idealized fanboy fantasy
Understandable?! Forgiveable?! She fucked his best friends dad!! She didn't get a parking ticket here! She fucked his best friends dad! It's like something out of a bad Jerry Fucking Springer episode.

See, this is why I hate Ron Mooreizaiton of pop culture. Because in certain minds scumbaggish, degenerate behavior = flawed and human. Most humans - at least the ones I know. It might be different in your neck of the woods - do not make fucking their best friends dad a habit.

What a hideous thing to say! Just because she was human and imperfect, her death wasn't worth grieving? What a truly horrifying sentiment.
I say hideous things all the time. Like in this thread, where I joked about Peter melting MJ's face with his radioactive jizzum.

She was a cheating bitch who fucked his best friends dad. She obviously didn't love him the way he loved her. Other wise she wouldn't have done it. So again, pinning over some tramp who didn't love him was huge waste of his time.

Because the definition of "whore" is "a woman who offers sexual services in exchange for money." That's not Gwen, obviously. She was a young woman who made a mistake because an older, powerful man took advantage of her, and who deeply regretted it afterward. People make mistakes.
"Whore" is just a generic term. Degenerate scumfuck would be more apt.

Interesting fictional characters make mistakes.
It wasn't a mistake. It was a line that should never have been crossed. And was completely inappropriate for a comic that gets read by kids.

Look at Peter Parker. His whole life is defined by one huge mistake -- letting a burglar escape justice when he could've easily captured him. He made that one mistake, he paid a high price for it, and he spent the rest of his life trying to make amends for it. Gwen Stacy did essentially the same thing.
It's different, and you damn well know it. You're being completely intellectually dishonest here. Pete did what any human being would have done in that situation, powers or not. Very few people are going to put their ass on the line and try and be a hero and stop the guy. Your average guy is going to get the hell out of the way.

Not everyone fucks their friends dad because they feel sorry for them. And if you think they do, you're completely delusional.
So unless you also think Peter Parker is an unforgivably awful human being, then you're employing a grossly sexist double standard.
Peter was a dumb kid who did what anyone would have done. Gwen was a cheating bitch, who's big revelation cheapened her death and everyone's opinion of her.

Well everyone except you and Quesada.
"Spider-Man doesn't have fans. He has people who follow him. Like Jesus. Now I have fans! People who adore and worship every little thing I do or say. Like David Koresh. Or The Jonas Brothers."

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