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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

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Gwen was not a whore...just misled and didn't have all of the facts at her disposal when she made the mistake she did. That whole story arc...ugh...and I had pretty much the same reaction Peter did when he was being told the story. Part of the reason Gwen made this mistake was the type of person she was...she cared about other people...and saw that Norman wasn't in the best of condition and felt sorry for him. Norman the psychopath that he is took advantage of the situation knowing that this would really hurt Peter when he found out about it. Since this story is a retcon I'm not surprised that the Goblin didn't taunt Peter about this after he tossed Gwen off the bridge because I'm pretty sure that would happen if The Death of Gwen Stacy was retold now.
That brings up one of my real problem with the retcon, like for DS9's 'Wrongs Darker Than... with Dukat and Kira's Mom. In all the years of Spidey/GG fights, including after Clone Saga, Norman never made so much as a quip in this direction.

Christopher is right in that it makes her a more complex character, but so does AoA, and without making her a bloody fool for a man that, Goblin aside, she had to have seen as a cold individual.
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