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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

Well JMS was really pissed off by having to write it. He was originally planning on having the kids be Pete's. Which is still a stupid idea. But not nearly as bad as when Quesada got a hold of it, and decided to change it to Norman. Because he thought it would make for better drama and he didn't want people thinking Pete is older then he actually is.
The Sins Past story is what really marked the downturn for recent Spider-Man stories. And it just shows how moronic Quesada's decisions are. He doesn't want the Goblin twins to be Peter's because it makes him older? Hello! Teenagers these days are making kids all the time! Does that make them old? And as dumb as this story was, it would've had more impact if the twins were Peter's and were corrupted by Osborne. Way to go Quesada, when will Disney fire you?
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