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Re: Venture Bros 4x02 (Grade and Discuss)

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Yeah, one thing I don't understand is why this show and "Family Guy" have shoved in little boy pedophiles. Both were sort of funny, but why was it needed at all? I'm getting sick of it.

This episode was brilliant as far as 'bait and switch' with the seeming pedophilia jokes. In reality Captain Sunshine had just become extremely deranged and overprotective because he had lost so many young sidekicks over the years. But the way it's presented up until the end of the episode makes it appear that he's a pedophile.
Only VB can put a twist on something like this where family guy beats it to death with a spoon.
Laws only work if everyone is honest, no piece of paper is going to stop a truly deranged person from doing something atrocious.
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