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Re: Favorite "Halloween" movie?

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Halloween 4 is an example of that. I hear people slag on it just for being a Halloween sequel, even though, when you watch it, it surpasses all of the other sequels, and on many levels, is right up there with the original.
I still have a soft spot for Halloween II as far as the sequels go. Although you're probably right in saying that 4 is the superior film.

Exorcist III has a somewhat soft positive rating of 62% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it fares much better in Amazon reviews. Several of the negative reviews are complaining about the DVD, not the film. (And rightly so.)
Yeah, the DVD is weak. It's a shame too because the film deserves better. Not only is it intelligent and thoughtful, but it has one of the scariest scenes ever committed to film. You know the one I'm talking about.
Does it involve a white sheet and a pair of clippers by chance?

My favourite scary film of all time is The Haunting (1963 version) followed by, in no particular order...

Night/Curse of the Demon
The Fog (Carpenter version)
Halloween (ditto)
The Thing (ditto)
The Descent
Blair Witch
Salems Lot (ok technically a mini series)

I've probably forgot something obvious so I may come back...
OOOoo, Salem's Lot!
I forgot that one!

...and yes, Ringu is way, way better than the Americanized "The Ring".
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