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Dude. Put the forum back RIGHT NOW or I will reach through the screen and choke a bitch. And when I'm done with that I'm going to choke YOU!

Kidding aside [wait, he's KIDDING?! WHEW! --Somebody] put the forum back up and give it a month. I think we can get the population back up and make it alive again.

Gimme a month, tis all I ask.

Otherwise I choke a bitch so hard. [again with the threats, someone should medicate him -- Different Person]
[hey I'm not a doctor I don't medicate people -- Somebody]
In all honesty, I'm tired. I loved that board and still love the community it fostered, but after 5 years and several major crashes with complete database losses in all of them, I just don't have the power to put it all back together again. I believe we've run our course, and I will miss it, but we can move on.

That being said, please visit my dear friends:

ReNext is an awesome board, and it's atmosphere is like ours. They're a great group of people, and I'm a member there, too. Great board. Great discussion, and they need their help getting their community built from a previous crash.



Give me admin access to what is left of Starscape. I will run the shit for you.

I was only there a few weeks but I quite enjoyed it. I think it is worth one more effort.

Otherwise: choke a bitch.

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