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Unfortunately, Starscape is gone. We've moved so many times the membership has dwindled down to very few, and it's not our fault, it's just the unpredictability of our hosts. That being said, Starscape was a great board, and I am glad to have made her those nearly 5 years ago. To all my former and current staff who made it possible:

And the hundreds more over the years.
You will be missed.

Dude. Put the forum back RIGHT NOW or I will reach through the screen and choke a bitch. And when I'm done with that I'm going to choke YOU!

Kidding aside [wait, he's KIDDING?! WHEW! --Somebody] put the forum back up and give it a month. I think we can get the population back up and make it alive again.

Gimme a month, tis all I ask.

Otherwise I choke a bitch so hard. [again with the threats, someone should medicate him -- Different Person]
[hey I'm not a doctor I don't medicate people -- Somebody]
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