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Re: Favorite "Halloween" movie?

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A fellow Exorcist III fan. We are few and far between.
Not really; it's generally well-regarded.

Exorcist II, on the other hand....
You must have read different reviews and know smarter people than I do.
Well, I mean amongst horror fans, I guess. I don't know what your average Joe thinks. Non-fans tend to lump horror sequels together. Halloween 4 is an example of that. I hear people slag on it just for being a Halloween sequel, even though, when you watch it, it surpasses all of the other sequels, and on many levels, is right up there with the original.

Exorcist III has a somewhat soft positive rating of 62% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it fares much better in Amazon reviews. Several of the negative reviews are complaining about the DVD, not the film. (And rightly so.)
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