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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day


Case in point re people being upset about ASM spidey storylines.

See - I don't get some of the hate re Gwen Stacy having babies after a one-night stand with Norman Osborn. Is it a retcon? Yes, it is. And a badly-fitting retcon? Sure.

But I don't agree with some of the comments (not Thrall's but I've seen it elsewhere) about how Gwen because of this is now being called names like a "whore". Just cause she didn't understand or get the creepy vibes from Norman Osborn and ends up having a one-night stand with him doesn't automatically "soil" her or anything. It was a poor decision. Some people make it.

Of course, by having this "side" of the story be revealed thirty-plus years after the original storyline (I exaggerate, perhaps but still...) is a pretty poor retcon. So I do think the writer is overreaching when they try to suggest that this actually happened and nobody was aware of it.
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