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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

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This best sums up superhero husbands like Spider-Man...

That thing is hilarious!!

And it doesn't even mention Scott Summers' marriage to Madelyne Pryor!

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So how else would you interpret that particular panel?
I've read multiple interpretations of that panel: she asked Mephisto to let her remember the marriage (the most popular interpretation), or she asked him to resurrect Harry Osborne, or that it was an unspecified whisper that could be retconned into a justification for hitting the reset button later on. But I have never before seen anyone suggest that MJ was offering to have sex with Mephisto. That's just bizarre.
Actually I thought o.p. was deliberately making a funny... y'know it goes with the phrase "whisper sweet nothings into the ear". So, in effect, I thought he was lampooning the whole thing - It suggested that our favorite redhead in the MU has a thing for Mephisto (who is red all over!)

Well - at least I thought it was funny when I read his explanation...

I think people hate the general direction of the recent ASM spidey so much that they don't see things humorously.
Completely Loony for Luna and Ginny!

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