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+ StarscapeBBS.Com

I received private messages and emails from several moderators and members informing me that Starscape BBS was giving an error.
This one:

404: Board Does Not Exist.
Make sure you did not mis-type the URL.

I immediately became concerned because that error means the board is either missing or gone.
Server errors do not give that kind of error code, and if you are here, this means the software itself is gone.

I will be honest with you: In all likelihood, the board is probably gone.
This is the kind of error you see when the board has been deleted or removed from the server.
There can be many reasons for this, from copyright issues to just board removal.
Since we're hosted on a free host, there doesn't have to be a reason.
I will keep you informed.


Starscape BBS is gone. The site was removed at 7:50 AM EST this morning.
Reasons: None cited.

I'm sorry kids, I don't have any backup for this one.
Starscape BBS is gone.


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