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Re: A couple more aliens from behind the scenes

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The sad thing for me about the new alien pics is that it is entirely likely that is ALL we will ever see or know about them. Old school Trek made a point to create names and planets and histories for it's aliens...
Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't. Robert Fletcher did that for the background aliens in TMP, but we still know nothing about the various background ambassadors in "Journey to Babel," and the only information that's out there about the background aliens from The Voyage Home was invented by the creators of a tie-in RPG, not by the filmmakers themselves (though the production crew did have informal nicknames for one or two of the species, such as the Efrosians). There's a similar dearth of information about the background aliens from TFF, TUC, many TNG episodes, DS9, etc. If anything, Fletcher's thoroughness with the TMP aliens was the exception, not the rule.
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