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I thought the title was referring to Will Smith.
As did I. That would be a very out there casting choice for Supes/Clark Nick Cage out there...
Cage at least looked a little like the character might look. I'm sorry, but casting Smith would be like casting a blonde guy as Superman.

Bringing comicbook characters to life onscreen should mean they LOOK like the character.

I hate the idea of putting just ANYONE who's "cool" or "a bombshell" into a role and figuring it'll fly.

No pun intended.
I agree in principle with what you're saying but I actually think Will Smith would be a better Superman than Cage. I like Cage a lot, but he is too quirky, offbeat, redneck, stoner, geeky and balding to be Superman. Smith at least looks like a conventional square-jawed superhero.

I'd take a black Superman over a balding one with a mullet and nose the size of the Fortress of Solitude. Remember the pic that was doing the rounds here a few weeks ago? Eeeeek!
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