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Re: A couple more aliens from behind the scenes

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Besides the bussard color and the deflector dish, they aren't THAT different, certainly not enough for me to understand why someone would like one and not the other...
Well, it's the little things--the proportions of the engines relative to the rest of the ship, the spacing of said engines, the length and curvature of the nacelle pylons, the hull detailing, the rim of the saucer, the thickness of the saucer, the shape of the bridge dome, the "planetary sensor dome" (or whatever that is on the bottom of the saucer), the retention of the copper rings behind the deflector dish now seemingly encased behind a glass dome, and, yes, the bussards and the deflector dish.

The design needs more development that this, obviously, but I would like to have seen it evolve in a direction other than modifying the proportions and grafting movie refit details all over the hull. Church's decision to take what's clearly the original 1960s ship and reinterpret it through an organic "technology unchained" lens feels fresh, and I think the final version deserved more of that and less of what we got. (Which is not to say I hate what we saw in the film, I just don't love it either. It certainly doesn't have the same impact, IMO, that these concept paintings do.)

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