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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

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We see quite a bit more bare-assed Colonial soldier than I would've expected in a quick scene in one of Galactica's co-ed showers.

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They actually zoomed in on a dude's dick. It was weird.
Moreso when you consider that, in all likelihood, Edward James Olmos himself explicitly ordered the camera man to do it.
"I really want the audience to know this guy has a penis so they can relate to him." Or something.
Having seen EJO in the BSG panet at Dragoncon last year (look it up on Youtube if you don't know what I'm talking about), I'm only surprised that there weren't many more T, A & C shots throughout the movie.

It's also well known that Baltar/Six sex scene in the lab in "Tigh Me Up Tigh Me Down" was his idea, it was not in the script. EJO is a dirty old man.
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