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Re: I, Borg and Descent

Nerys Dukat wrote: View Post
This discussion is VERY off-topic, as far as the DS9 v. VOY stuff. Could that PLEASE be taken somewhere else?

VOY's handling of the Borg is on-topic, but there's a lot of extraneous stuff being dragged in. We really don't need all threads being dragged down this same beaten path.
I apologize for my part in dragging things off-topic.
Hober Mallow wrote: View Post
Soul of Saito wrote: View Post
Easily one of the worst eps of TNG's entire "good section" (seasons 3-7), and the worst of the two-parters.
I completely disagree.

Season seven wasn't part of the good section.
Well, allow me to clarify what I meant here... haha

S7 wasn't one of the best seasons, no. But, I define "good section" as "not seasons 1 and 2." Especially season 1, which just SUCKED and is easily the worst season of the show, IMO. S2 was better, in terms of actual writing, but still not great, and S2 also suffered from the same running problems as season 1: that the film quality, special effects, background music, uniforms, and overall presentation of the show was crap compared to seasons 3-7. To be fair, though, season 2 did have a few really great eps. Season 7 was definitely a mixed bag... it had a bunch of clunkers, but for me, there is no single ep of TNG beyond season 2 that is as bad as the likes of "Code of Honor", or "Justice", or "The Child." (Though "Man of the People" from S6 comes damn close). And season 7 also had what I consider to be some of the show's best eps, such as "Parallels", "The Pegasus," and (most especially) "Lower Decks."

And uh... technically, that's not on topic either.
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Anwar wrote: View Post
The Mirrorverse works due to the camp factor. Play it totally straight and it doesn't work.

Otherwise...well maybe Descent would have worked out better as a Movie story instead. There they would have a better budget and time to work the story out better.

I mean, the idea of renegade sentient Borg individuals is a pretty cool one when you get down to it.
Hm, a movie about Hugh and those affected by him. That could be pretty cool, actually. Could've been a follow-up of sorts to FC, doing a kind of an arc like 2-3-4 did. See the collective Borg in one movie, and see what happens when you take that away in the next. Hm. INS seems that much worse now.
I do have to agree that the basic concept of renegade sentient Borg is a good one with a lot of potential, and the fact that they actually followed up with the Hugh story was good as well. But the execution... Blagh. And bringing Lore into it was a huge mistake. But this movie idea would actually be pretty interesting. Too bad we'll never know how it could have turned out...
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