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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

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But I think Marvel realized they put themselves into a corner with the whole secret identity exposed storyline.
Actually, OMD was already in the works when they decided to reveal Peter's identity. They only did it because they wanted to use it as an excuse to get rid of the marriage. Basically, OMD was even more unnecessary than it was made out to be.

I will illustrate:

Secret ID reveal -> Kingpin targets Parkers -> Aunt May gets shot (while Peter's contacts that should have been able to help her conveniently cannot in a lame plot hole explanation) -> Deal w/Mephisto

And that was on top of the fact that given Peter's guilt over the death of his Uncle Ben he would have NEVER publicly revealed his identity. No matter the prodding and threat of job loss and getting kicked from Avengers' Tower by Stark. No matter the approval to do it given by May and MJ. He would not have done it. He KNOWS his enemies. He KNOWS that his family would be targets. He KNOWS that there would be a breakdown in their security that an enemy would take advantage of. Yet all of that was brushed aside for the sake of a stupidly contrived plot to take us to this long desired outcome of Quesada's.

Now we have Pathetic Peter of the lousy "Parker luck" instead of the "With great power comes great responsibility" Peter. Peter used to be inspiring. Now he is just pathetic.

My hope is that with the Disney buyout of Marvel and his unceasing schmoozing of denizens of Hollywood to come write comics when they can bother to meet a deadline, Quesada moves onto greener pastures and we get a competent editor as Marvel's new editor-in-chief. Someone who will fix this mess Quesada has created.
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