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Re: SyFy to air the original V this Sunday!

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...The series was good but should've been 13 episodes, not 19. Character attrition was high but they didn't really replace them with anyone else decent.

I always found it funny that Kyle (Trek actor Jeff Yeager) had two introductory episodes as the network didn't like the first attempt. So he sort of gets introduced twice.
The weekly series was just that, and in step with American TV of the time, 13 episodes would have been laughable. Even now 22 is the norm. Back then, far more.

As it is 19 episodes was un-heard of, and it only ended at that point because the show was dying. It'd been shifted in timeslot repeatedly (or put on hiatus repeatedly...memory of the time's foggy), and then there was the matter of the Kyle intro episodes you mention, one of which didn't get shown until VERY late in the game (so no, originally there was no weird continuity glitch).

Gotta thank you for mentioning that. I'll be recording the SyFy replays, and will have to figure out what to do with that extra episode.
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