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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

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Other: an internet channel that will let people out of the US subscribe. Preferably with view on demand.
Ah yes the video-on-demand distribution path. Which content provider will be the king?
Clancy_s you and Jetfire bring up a serious distribution path and content provider- Youtube that will be gaining a lot of traction in the next 2-3 years before the next Trek TV series goes into Production.

I alluded to this in March
with in a discussion about the future of Trek DVDs:
Downloadable video content is the future. The Everything-On-Demand is not just a fantasy. Give it 10 years to mature.
The iTunes store model will not exist in that business model then.
Monthly Subscriptions to all-you-can-stream buffet style downloads may be in vogue in 6 years.
I mentioned this last month in a discussion about Blu-ray players.
YouTube may become the next window in the Hollywood distribution chain.
The video-sharing site is in early talks with Warner Bros., Sony Pictures and Lionsgate about streaming movies online to its users for a rental fee, people close to the discussions say.
Pricing would be similar to VOD and iTunes, which is about $3.99 per movie .
Sept. 2, 2009 source
This month a major media TV channel conglomerate may be merging and that may mean changes in media and business models:
Comcast's bid to co-own NBC Universal is a grab for digital content dominance that will trigger influential paid models, force a revamp of broadcast television and spawn a new wave of media deals.
October 2009 month

And Youtube's main competition: Hulu
Hulu is also exploring subscription areas of its service, which provides network TV content without charge to consumers.
-Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, October 2009

Heck Clancy_s I even started a poll last month about which video-on-demand provider people would use to get the series 6 Trek download.

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