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Re: Treking through all Star Trek

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Just to say Thew40 that I've enjoyed reading your reviews so far. I started a chronological Trek marathon of my own in September (currently up to the start of Enterprise season 3), so its good to see how we compare and contrast on our viewpoints.

Keep up the good work
Awesome! Can't wait to compare notes!


Series: Enterprise – Season Two
Episode: “Shockwave, Part Two”
Trek Installment # 26
Grade: D
Viewing Date: October 7, 2009

Every bit of excitement that “Shockwave Part One” brought to the table is completely lost here. Archer and Daniels adventure in the future is boring and has a resolution that is way too convenient. We see T’Pol get tortured in her underwear, Hoshi has a wacky shirtless excursion, and Silik gets emotional when he can’t get in touch with Future Guy. Talk about a let-down.
The resolution comes fast. The only part I did like was when T’Pol stood up for the humans after Archer’s asinine gazelle speech. Everything else is irritating and faulty.
The Preserver Saga

Treking Through All Star Trek
Watching all Star Trek in chronological order
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