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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

I'm only going to buy The Deadpool issue. That should be all types of win. It will be like an MC battle with one-liners. Spidey will win, because it's his book. Even though Deadpool should, because he's still funny and entertaining. I haven't cared about that whiny girl Parker in years. Although my sympathy goes out to his fans for Parker being the biggest victim of Quesada's reign of terror.

I wasn't as offended by OMD/BND as everyone else. I expected it from a creative thug like Quesada. After Sins Past and Reign, the entire Spider-Man brand lost all credibility to me. So I really don't give a fuck. They could turn Spidey into a child-molesting, transvestite, drug-addict, porn-star with irritable bowl syndrome and I'd be like "Sure. Go for it. It's not like it would be all that different from the shit you've already done to the character.". Of course, now I'm just giving Quesada ideas.

Most of Marvel has become an unintentional self-parody to me anyway. Deadpool seems to be the only character who's fully aware of it.

superhero comics are so f'in stupid.

Thank god people make movies and cartoons out of them so we can enjoy the heroes without having to sit through this insipid nonsense.
They certainly are nowadays. It's a niche market that's only going to get nichier after the movie deals dry up.
"Spider-Man doesn't have fans. He has people who follow him. Like Jesus. Now I have fans! People who adore and worship every little thing I do or say. Like David Koresh. Or The Jonas Brothers."
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