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Re: I, Borg and Descent

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"I, Borg" was good, but "Descent" was terrible. The only really good thing was, as others have pointed out, Crusher commanding the Enterprise. That was cool in and of itself, but the reason for her commanding the ship was incredibly stupid. And even though it was also cool how they used the Metaphasic Shield tech to escape the Borg ship by skirting near a star, they even farked THAT up by having Crusher refer to it as something LaForge came up with, despite the fact that it was actually Ferengi scientist Dr. Reyga who invented the thing, in an episode focused on Crusher, no less! It's like the writing staff were all on drugs or sleep deprived when crafting Descent.

Other than that, it had a dumb story (emo Borg hook up with Data's emo twin, then they turn Data himself emo... great), enough logic lapses and plot holes to fill a Borg Cube, and one of the most cringe-worthy lines in all of Trekdom: "The sons of Soong have joined together. And together... we will destroy the Federation." Geez, Data... twirl that moustache any harder and it'll fall off. And... destroy the FEDERATION?? The whole thing? Why? No motivation is given to do this for Data, Lore, or the rogue Borg, making it "Because that would be eeeeevillllll and we're eeeeeviillllll mwahahahahahahahahaahackghack *cough*"

Easily one of the worst eps of TNG's entire "good section" (seasons 3-7), and the worst of the two-parters.
Couldn't have phrased it better, myself.
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