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Re: I, Borg and Descent

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Who is this "audience", anyway? Did you go door to door across America, polling viewers on what they thought of the latest Voyager developments? Did you scour every last corner of the internet to find out what people thought? Or is this simply your experience with people you knew, web sites you visited, etc? Cause I can say that I NEVER encountered the venomous, teeth-baring hostility toward EVERYTHING VOYAGER that you have.
You're lucky and/or not reading the same posts/boards as me. Because I can say that with all the folks I talk to and the boards I visit, VOY is considered a worthless piece of garbage without a single redeeming quality to it.

And I spent plenty of time talking to friends about Trek when it was on and hanging out online looking up stuff on the shows in the late 90's.
So did I, and...

Plenty of people liked the Hirogen.
...None of the people I interacted with did.

Here's a thought: Perhaps this negative reaction from the audience that you keep hammering about was CAUSED by said audience, oh I dunno... not liking the writing?
Nope, I observed it in some cases and it pretty much was just some inherent bias/dislike of the show that caused it. Why were they so biased, I don't know. People I watched "Caretaker" with disliked the show within 30 minutes of the premiere.

It wasn't the writing.

Voyager certainly did not need a "constant villain". In fact, I think the show would have been more interesting without one (and certainly, if they WERE going to use one, the Borg were a bad choice).
So every other "Voyager" type show like Farscape and NuBSG can have one, but not VOY, double standard rears it's head again..

And in VOY's case, the show got blasted away at enough for having Aliens of the week even when it was trying to make original aliens. Make it just aliens of the week is just suicide.

Yes, the Borg were their only choice. They had NOTHING else left and weren't going to bother making another original race after they saw how their hard work meant nothing to the audience.

But yes, this is off-topic.
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