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ENTER the 'ARCHER'S BEST' Avatar Contest!

Congratulations to Mach1 and er.... me, as the runner up from the last contest.

The theme there was Foreshadowing and he went with the Vulcan/Human relationships of Enterprise/Star Trek (2009). While I predictably went for conflict and the Romulan War.

Mach5 wrote: View Post
Would y'all be OK with me letting ChristopherPike start the new contest? I've been really busy these days, and the ideas for the next contest are just not coming to me right now.
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We've had subs step in before... Hope you'll still be able to play!

ETA: suggested theme:

Archer's best ... scenes where you just absolutely LOVED the captain (or at least liked him a lot).
So here's this week's theme then, as provided by JINX.

Archer's Best

Any moments from Enterprise involving its Captain that liked and would make for a great avatar. That can be anything involving Archer as the centre of attention. In the Captain's chair. Fighting Shran in a 'duel to the death'. Even making that Gazelle speech! Probably loads of others that escape my sleepy brain at the moment...

All the usual contest rules apply, no more than 140x140 pixels, or 70KB in size. Closing date in around week, or sooner if everybody gets an entry in...

Jinx, sorry for the delay. I wasn't sure whether you wanted to set this up or me. Are you still okay with sorting out the poll thread later on?

Might be a good idea to pin this at the top and unpin the old voting one.
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