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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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I'm sorry, but what is this 'list' of actors for characters everyone is speaking about?
I suggested above that, given how long this thread has become, it might be more convenient if the viable casting suggestions thus far were compiled into a single list that could be used to start a new thread for handy reference. BrotherBenny did the hard work of compiling all the names, and when I suggested organizing it by series, he sent it to me so I could do that. However, it'd be a bigger job than I thought, and I can't do it for a while since I have novel revisions to do, so it's in limbo for now unless someone else volunteers to take over.

T'Ryssa Chen-Amerie Rogers

I haven't seen her act, and I'm mostly going on looks (I think she's hot; and I like some of her songs) and she is actually half-Asian....

Other actresses: Denyce Lawton, and Kristen Kreuk....
Rogers: I looked at some photos on IMDb, and I don't see it. Too glamorous, not cute or tomboyish enough.

Lawton: Looking at her IMDb photos, there are some shots (where she's smiling) where she kind of looks like she might be in the ballpark. Still, not really right.

Kreuk: Achingly gorgeous, but definitely the wrong type personality-wise, and I already see her as T'Lana.

I think too many people here are casting female characters based only on "who I think is hot" rather than "who would be the best actress for the role." It results in a lot of nice pictures to look at but not a lot of really appropriate casting suggestions. T'Ryssa is attractive, but she isn't a knockout or a supermodel type. She's got a girl-next-door kind of appeal, if the girl next door was a tomboy and a troublemaker.
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