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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

I've been reading them either on the stand or picking them up en masse for $1 a piece at comic shows. Seeing as how dealers are overordering just to get a vairant they are ditching the surplus(proof how readership is down) in the cheap bin.

I also AM still anti-BND.
Color me unimpressed with the Menace storyline.
Freak, Screwball and Paperdoll aren't that interesting. Not that every Spidey villain is anyway but these mediocore stories could've been told with a married Peter&MJ heck a legit divoreced Peter&MJ with Aunt May dead.

The Anti-Venom storyline was the first glimmer of an actual good story post OMD.
The return of the Kravinoffs is nothing new. The Spidey team(in some form) has revisited that family at least 3 times prior. Again could've been done with Spidey&MJ together.

Aunt May in bed with JJJ's father??? Stupid
Peter trying to avoid his roomie and keep the secret, not impressed, boring stuff.

The upcoming Gauntlet storyline is just a retooling of Sinister Six in a way meets Knightfall(at least the advance solicits read that way).

I'm not even one of those who says the marriage has to come back.
What I do want gone is the uncharteristic ties to Mephisto.
Aunt May would have used what strength she had to kick Peter in the ass for dealing with the devil for her. That is not being RESPONSIBLE at all.
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