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Re: Movies Seen in 2009

New movies:

Star Trek (2009) [Loved it, absolutely loved it!]
G.I. Joe [Lots of people dogged the CGI, but I was too busy having fun to notice]
Zombieland [This movie has ended up being one of my favorite movies]

Released Movies:

Twister [As a stormchaser, I love this movie just for the excitement. The science and method are way off]
Serenity [I'm a browncoat. Gotta love me]
Get Smart [Hilarious. Steve Carrel's Max is dead on.]
Starship Troopers [Classic favorite of mine]
Knowing [First viewing - I enjoyed it very much, actually]
Men In Black [Who doesn't love TLJ & WS catching aliens?]
Rush Hour [My most favorite of the trilogy]
Rush Hour 2 [Very good sequel, but a bit weak]
Rush Hour 3 [Weakest of the three, IMO, but I still like it]
Night At The Museum [Good clean fun]
Sum of All Fears [I love Morgan Freeman in this movie]
The Fifth Element [Best visual sci fi movie to date for me]
Without a Paddle [These guys remind me of my friends]
K-PAX [A huge hit with me, I love this movie from start to finish]
Tommy Boy [One of my most favorite comedies]
The Man From Earth [Great, great exercise in philosophizing who we are]
The Tall T [Classic Randolph Scott picture]
Black Sheep [Always a corker, I love this movie]
Talladega Nights [Ricky Bobby!]
Fast Times at Ridgemont High [Who ordered a pepperoni pizza? "Right here, dude!"]
Click [Fair movie, Christopher Walken alone makes it work watching]
Small Soldiers [Great movie from when I was a kid]
Hot Shots Part Deux! [I love a good piss take]
Down Periscope [Kelsey Grammar as a rebellious commander. What's not to love?]
Star Trek TMP [I watched all these...]
Star Trek TWOK [In preparation...]
Star Trek TSFS [For the new...]
Star Trek TVH [Star Trek movie...]
Star Trek TFF [that was coming out...]
Star Trek TUC [On May 8th...]
Star Trek GEN [Of 2009...]
Star Trek FC [Starring Chris Pine...]
Star Trek INS [Zach Quinto...]
Star Trek NEM [and Leonard Nimoy. I was not disappointed.]
Austin Powers [Shagadelic baby, yeah!]
Pirates of the Caribbean COTBP [My favorite of the three]
Pirates of the Caribbean DMC [Okay 2nd installment]
Pirates of the Caribbean ATW [Meh, just too over the top]
Dumb & Dumber [Harry! Your hands are freezing!]
Gridiron Gang [Decent movie]
Shanghai Noon [Loved it. Chong Wang? That's a stupid name for a cowboy!]
Shanghai Knights [Got to see it for the first time, loved it]
School of Rock [Great for those of us who were in a band]
The Day the Earth Stood Still [Original 1953 Michael Rennie version]
The Day The Earth Stood Still [New Keanu Reeves version]
Cash Back [First viewing - Terrific]
Wall-E [Cry every time I see this movie]
The Iron Giant [Yeah, I cry, so what of it! ]
The Simpsons Movie [I have wore this DVD out - ]
Open Season [First Viewing - Boring. I did not like this movie.]
Batman Begins [Made me fall in love with the idea of Batman again]
Robin Hood Men In Tights ["Hey Blinkin!" "Did you say Abe Lincoln?"]
Super Troopers [Oh, if only this movie could be true, I'd be a State Trooper]
Finding Nemo [I tear up at this movie often. A testament to Pixar's high quality]
History of the World Part I ["Occupation?" "Stand up Philosopher..." "Bullshit artist"]
Paul Blart Mall Cop [First viewing - Loved it. Lots of fun.]
Short Circuit [Johnny Five is alive!]
Wagon's East! [Fun movie, sad that it was John Candy's last]
Dogma [Oh, what a wondrous movie for those of us who ask questions.]
Happy Gilmore ["The price is wrong, bitch!"]
Joe Dirt [Fun David Spade movie, just not the same without Chris]
Leap of Faith [I love this movie. It is a gem.]
Cowboy Bebop Movie [One of my favorite anime movies]
Wayne's World [Party time, excellent!]
Billy Madison [Veronica, I thank you, for beating the shit out of me!]
Spaceballs ["The radar, sir, it's...jammed!"]
Animal House [I love this movie, particularly Belushi]
Iron Man [This movie made me love comic book heroes again]
City Slickers [Rollin' Rollin' Rollin']
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory [I much prefer this version over the Gene Wilder movie]
Primary Colors [First viewing - Very interesting political movie]
Back to School ["I don't get no respect!"]
Back to the Beach [I have worn out this DVD. I love it.]
Ghostbusters I ["Aim for the flat top!"]
Ghostbusters II ["I... love you guys"]
Dutch [Great movie with Ed O'Neill. A very underrated actor and movie]
Blazing Saddles ["What, you'd do it for Randolph Scott!" "RANDOLPH SCOTT?! RANDOLPH... SCOTT!"]

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