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Re: Best Horror Films of the Decade

For me, The Descent is numero uno. I'll also give props to 28 Days/Weeks Later and Trick 'r Treat, which I actually got to see at a theatrical screening a couple months ago at a horror film festival.

Oh, and at that same festival, I saw a British film called The Children, which I felt was effectively freaky and scary -- not sure if I'd call it one of the best of the decade, but I thought it was pretty good.

Oh, and didn't Paranormal Activity come out this year, not 2007? Unless maybe it's release has been delayed for a while, like with Trick 'r Treat. I may go see Paranormal Activity, I'm not sure... I've kind of been fearing that it'll turn out to be like another Blair Witch Project, which I didn't find scary at all.
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