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Re: I, Borg and Descent

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Well, it was inevitable in VOY's case since because otherwise they'd all be dead in 15 seconds. And in case you'll say "then use another enemy", they tried that repeatedly and in every case it failed due to negative audience reaction (NOT because of the writing).
You can speak for yourself. My problem with Voyager's aliens was indeed the writing. The execution of a unique and interesting alien race all comes down to the writing.
Yeah, and what exactly was the problem with the writing? I keep hearing "bad writing" this and "Bad writing" that, without any examples. What constitutes good writing to you, having every battle result in tons of extras dead and VOY having to run away like a pack of cowards every single time, thus emasculating everyone? Have the Vidiian Phage be some massive plague spread through the DQ and eat up their Makeup budget? Have the Borg destroy VOY in 5 seconds? Just what do you want? I want hard examples here.
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