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Re: VOY Greatest Contributions

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A female captain!
Rachel Garrett, savior of the Federation, would like a word with you. Tryla Scott, Silva La Forge, and future-Beverly-Crusher also await.
Not to mention the captain of the Saratoga an STIV (who looks a little like Silva La Forge) and Erica Benteen.
I thought of Saratoga's captain and Phillipa Louvois ("Measure of a Man") as well, but wanted to keep it to three.

Erica Benteen post-dates Janeway's IRL introduction, but she's excellent too. And of course Erika Hernandez.

And of course there's the Romulan Commander ("Charvanek" in some sources), Sela, and Toreth, for some non-Fed examples. And in TrekLit, wellll... we'll start with Kira Nerys and Ezri Dax.
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