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Re: I, Borg and Descent

I didn't vote in the poll because I despise the win/fail slang. Sorry.

I thought I Borg was a decent enough episode. It's not one of my favorites but it wasn't a bad idea. It established that the Borg did not have as tight a lock on individuals as was previously thought. It weakened them but not much. I think that was a good thing because if they were as badass as they seemed in the early episodes, the good guys are dead. Do we really want that in the Trekversw?

I think it's incredibly naive to think that Geordi's plan would have in fact destroyed the Borg. Don't you think that races in the Delta Quadrant would have wiped them out if it were that easy?

Descent was a mess but more for reasons other than how the Borg were treated. This is just a continuation of the revelation in I Borg that the original assumption of, "once a Borg, always a Borg" was not true.

We got our first look at transwarp conduits here which was cool.

First Contact was an enjoyable movie. It reestablished the Borg as very dangerous opponents but it also showed that Starfleet had closed the gap. I think this was logical. The Federation is vast and powerful. The initial contact with the Borg scared the crap out of them and they got up off their butts and made some serious advances.

This movie gave us the queen. While I think Alice Krieg turned in an awesome performance in that role, I must defer to the arguments that this was a very bad idea. This was the move that cheapened the Borg - not what Voyager did.

Star Trek Voyager: This was a mixed bag. I loved Unity and I thought Scorpion was absolutely awesome. We had never seen more than a single Borg ship before. The fleet of cubes in Scorpion was a definite holy shit moment!

It went generally downhill from there. The low point was probably Unimatrix Zero. Voyager exchanges fire with a tactical cube here as if it were any run of the mill ship.

Endgame helped restore the Borg as very dangerous opponents. It went too far, actually. The transwarp network it revealed showed once and for all that the Borg could have effortlessly assimilated the entire Federation had it wanted to. This led to all the fan theories that the Borg farm technology by scaring opponents into developing tactics and technology that could defeat them and then assimilating it. This is perfectly logical - and scary. It suggests that the Borg could come for the Federation any time they want.
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