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Re: Treking through all Star Trek

We appear to have the opposite opinions in almost every matter, thew. I didn't like the Temporal Cold War (with the exception of Detained), and thought it only got worse, while I loved The Andorian Incident and Shadows of P'Jem. I thought Dessert Crossing was OK and Breaking the Ice too. I love the portrayal of the Vulcans. It gave Enterprise a new culture to explore (I think the reason Tuvok had so little to do on Voyager was that Spock had already done it all, and by changing the Vulcans they avoided this with T'pol) and it really showed they have changed a lot since joining the Federation. My favourite episode of the season was The Andorian Incedent, and my least favourite Unexpected (the teaser was funny though).

As for your reviews, they're pretty good, but usually a bit short.
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