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Re: Navy testing two pricey, super-fast warships

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Here's another photo of the Independence that I located, courtesy of Google Images, at its launching last year... Showing just how unusual the hullform is.

I never cease to marvel at ships on blocks. That is an amazing hull design.
Have to admit I'm tad surprised that they allowed a photo showing the hull. Thought it would be like submarine props which they keep hush hush.

Are they wings on the centreline keel or supports to hold her in place (I'm surprise at how she seem seems to be standing there.

Actually, the hullform (from what I've read) has been floating around out in the public domain for a few years. There was a a smaller R&D ship a while back that was the basis for the trimaran.

That being said, typically the props on a USN asset are hidden from view... but this sucker doesn't have props, just four big honking water-jets.

The centerline hull is actually fairly wide, and from what I gather that's where most of the weight is located, so I can see it being able to sit on the blocks like that -- much like an icebreaker with the bow overhang. Still, walking underneath her would give me the heebie-jeebies, even as a naval architect.

I have some other shots taken from her Acceptance Trials that I'll post links to momentarily.


Edit to Add:

Here are the other photos:

(One of my office-mates said, after seeing this shot, "Dang, talk about 'Junk in the Trunk!!' )

From above:

And one final one from somewhere off Mobile, AL:

FOReWARneD is Forearmed.

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