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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

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USA's tag line is "characters welcome." All their shows have quirky characters. A Star Trek show could be created that fit the USA style, but it would feel different classic Trek. A better network thematically would be SyFy or TNT.
Yep. I don't want a USA-style Star Trek. But how about FX, which is making a name for itself with edgy, male-skewing shows. Or go classy, premium-cable-lite, with AMC.

Edgy? Male-skewed? Yeah that sounds like crap and silly action scenes and women with big boobs and little brain. Not what I want in Trek.

How about Sci-Fi?

AviTrek wrote: View Post
I just saw this story which shows what broadcast channels are getting per 30 second spot for each show. It should give a good indication of what can realistically be expected in terms of revenue for a show. It looks like roughly each viewer is worth $.01 for each 30 second spot. Fringe currently makes $120k/commercial. Assuming 36 commercials for each show that means the network takes in $4.3m/episode. Factoring in costs and profit along the way Fringe probably can cost a max of $2m an episode to be profitable.

If a Star Trek TV show plans for roughly the 10 million viewers Fringe gets, then it will need to keep it's budget at $2m/episode. If it goes the cable route and only plans on 5 million viewers then it will need to cut its budget to $1m.

Really? I know shows on Sci-Fi have a budget of $1.3 to $2 million. $1.3 was the original cost of Stargate and $2 million is the cost of Warehouse 13.
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