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Re: Venture Bros 4x02 (Grade and Discuss)

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I gave it an, average VB is infinitely better than 95% of everything else on TV...but as others have said, I just with they'd given Captain Sunshine some other personality quirk rather than "likes young boys". Of course, then we'd have lost the lube joke bit...and the Monarch was great in this...the Copter 5 bit...OK, maybe upon further reflection I need to upgrade to an Above Average...
I think they wanted to make Captain Sunshine into a "Red Herring" Joke much like Doctor Girlfriend was for seasons 1-2.

He was obviously disturbed and I think his Rainbow motif was funny as heck.

I think it was funny especially all of the previous refs int he previous episodes to Captain Sunshine and we find out he is another loser crapsack hero who is completely nuts.
I think that practically every character we've ever met in Venture Bros is a loser crapsack who is completely nuts...that's why I love the show...
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