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Re: Star Trek XI DVD - Preorder or not?

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I don't think it will happen. AFAIK, JJ Abrams isn't big on extended versions of films. What we saw in the theaters *was* the director's cut. The best we can hope for is just having the deleted scenes in a separate section.
Abrams may not be, but I don't doubt Paramount would love to double dip on it. And it's not exactly footage that Abrams was forced to shoot and later cut (like the Blade Runner voice over or a "happy ending"), it's stuff he liked but trimmed for pacing and such.
But since they were deleted for storytelling and pacing reasons, that would make it even more unlikely a director would put them back in.
I think Peter Jackson was successful in doing the extended versions of the LOTR trilogy because he didn't just stick deleted scenes back into the movie he re edited the movies creating a better quality version.

Overall I dislike directors cuts that just stick the deleted scenes back in the movie. Often those scenes are cut for a reason and except for a few instances generally I agree with the directors decision to cut them.

Now since I am a huge Star Trek fan I will wait to see the deleted scenes to form my opinion about this movie.
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