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Re: Star Trek XI DVD - Preorder or not?

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Back on topic, I'm definitely looking forward to another viewing of ST XI. Still disappointed we don't have a longer cut, but I imagine that if it happens, it will happen around the release of Star Trek: Something, Something.
I don't think it will happen. AFAIK, JJ Abrams isn't big on extended versions of films. What we saw in the theaters *was* the director's cut. The best we can hope for is just having the deleted scenes in a separate section.
Abrams may not be, but I don't doubt Paramount would love to double dip on it. And it's not exactly footage that Abrams was forced to shoot and later cut (like the Blade Runner voice over or a "happy ending"), it's stuff he liked but trimmed for pacing and such.
But since they were deleted for storytelling and pacing reasons, that would make it even more unlikely a director would put them back in.
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