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Re: SyFy to air the original V this Sunday!

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I was flipping through the upcoming week's listings, and man was I very pleasantly surprised when I got to Sunday. Beginning at 1pm EST, SyFy will be airing the V miniseries and V: The Final Battle! From what I've read there's also a tv series following TFB, but SyFy isn't airing that, unfortunately. Still, it's the original V airing on TV, not something that happens too often. I've never seen any V before, though I've always wanted to. Now I get a chance!

So, if anyone wants to see some original V, watch SyFy on Sunday, beginning at 1pm EST!
Actually Syfy is airing the V series as their daily marathons on Monday and Tuesday.

Trying to whet our appetites for the new ABC series.
Oops, I must have missed that. Well, there you go. The entirety of V in three days, even better!

I edited my original post to include the series.
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