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Re: Starship Enterprise "Broken Bow" (Alternate version)

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They have no thumbs, which pretty much makes everything in this chapter utter bullshit. Am I the only one who sees this?
From Memory Alpha: "Most Yridians had no thumbs, and possessed only four fingers on each hand. "

Yes, I agree it makes no sense. But that's how it was in Trek. So that's what we have to deal with.

Admiral2, in the past you have given valid, constructive criticism, for which I thank you. This is my first ever attempt at fan fiction, and I realise I need feedback if I am to succeed. Your comments regarding Mayweather's attitude and bridge procedures were most gratefully received, and I hope you approve of the changes I made as a result.

However, I am unable to find anything either valid or constructive in this comment. Even if the error were entirely mine, surely this minor detail is not enough to make "...everything in this chapter utter bullshit"?

If there are any other elements in this chapter, or elsewhere, you find to be at fault, please highlight them so I can respond appropriately.

USS Avenger, thanks for your comments and support. I'm glad you liked the bits with the Tellarites and Reed.

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