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Thor Damar's Heroes of the Cardassian Union.

Greetings and salutations to you all. Inspired by some of the more...interesting discussions regarding Dukat and the Bajorian Occupation, I have decided to hail the true heroes of the Union.

These men and women have shown us that the Cardassian people are more than thugs, murderers or so called 'gentle tyrants' instead we have seen noble dissents and courageous soldiers of the Union. So here they are my friends let us celebrate the glory of these true sons and daughters of Prime.

1) Aamin Marritza: I have a real soft spot for this guy. A brave man who thinks that he is a coward, this nobel clerk was willing to sacrifice himself in order to force his people to accept their responsibility for the Occupation. Aamin Marritza had a magnificent sense of duty to the truth and was willing to forgo his career in order to achieve this.
A man willing to die for reconciliation and justice for the peoples of Cardassia and Bajor is a true hero.
He was also the first Cardassian that I ever really saw and Harris Yulin's excellent acting convinced me that this DS9 thing was worth a go.

2) Corat Damar: The leader of the Cardassian revolution and a true patriot this oft underestimated officer almost singlehandedly changed our perception of the Cardassians and gained an heroic and worthy death.
I raise a glass of Kanar to this great man.

3) Tekeny Ghemor: The Father of the Cardassian People a stanch defender of freedom and a voice for the disprocessed, this noble Legate represents all that is great about Cardassia. After all a man who is willing to help a unknown alien simply because it is the right thing to do is a inspiration to us all.
Legate Ghemor was the finest leader that Cardassia never had.

4) Natima Lang: A journalist in the best traditions of her profession who refused to compromise with a dictatorship and who used her skills to promote an alternative vision for Cardassia. Her truly heroic efforts in the post war reconstruction of Cardassia are noteworthy.

5)Akllen Macet: A honest servant of Cardassia this strong and worthy Gul has had to bear many indignities with style and grace, from boneheaded subordinates, sanctimonious humans and Kosst damned headgear! (plus there's the simple fact that the poor sod looks too much like his infamous cousin)Yet through it all he remains a calm and professional solider.
Cardassia salutes you Gul!

6)Glinn Daro: A thoughtful young officer who tried to reach out to a former enemy, this First Officer was one of the few Central Command members who displayed any ability to consider exactly what duty and hounor really means.

A couple of more controversial choices now,

7) Elim Garak: Our not so plan and simple tailor, a former spy for a certain Order and a man for whom the ends really do justify the means. He has committed murder and engaged in what one could call treason but his loyalty to the people of Cardassia has never been in doubt. Plus he aided the Cardassian Liberation Front in freeing Cardassia from the Dominion.

8) Dukat the rebel: Although Skrain Dukat is not in any way a true hero, he did display a measure of courage and daring when he took on the whole Klingon Empire in one lone BoP. He provided an example to the near defeated Cardassian People and almost became a legand but alas he threw it away...

9) The Cardassian Liberation Front: They fought for Cardassia's freedom with courage and strength until their unfortunate betrayal by lesser men.

10) Gul Dijmas: a treklit Cardassian who liked his chess and actually had a keen mind unclouded by the over the top thuggery of early DS9 Cardassians. He also cared for his crew and stood up to Gul Dukat when required.
(Gul Dijmas was a character in an early DS9 novel called Proud Helios who only appeared for a few paragraphs but left an favorable impression on this Cardassian fan)

I'll be adding more in this thread later and also welcome anyone else's contributions and thoughts.

Next Week I will be (mostly) exploring the warriors of the Empire!
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