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Re: Venture Bros 4x02 (Grade and Discuss)

Ghost Robot was awesome.

Overall, an enjoyable episode, unfortunately weighed down, as others have said said, by the redundancy of the pedophilia jokes when Sergeant Hatred's already right there. I mean, they were still funny, but I was like... hey, they already have someone to do this schtick.

The Monarch went from awesome to kind of stupid in a split second. The horrible mindfuck he laid on Sunshine was killer, but then went retarded and hit the solar man with a solar ray. I mean, come on. VB is cleverest when its characters are wise to the tropes of their own stories. The Monarch is pretty bright ordinarily, but even a cursory analysis would probably suggest that shining ultraviolet light, on a guy who is known to be powered by said light, is probably going to, you know, power him.

So, I gave it above average.

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