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Re: Star Trek XI DVD - Preorder or not?

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What DVD ever sold completely out on its first day of release?
UHF sold out within a couple of days, MGM severely underestimated the demand for that DVD.
UHF? That Weird Al movie? THAT sold out within two days? You're kidding, right? (I actually had no idea that was even on DVD in the first place...)
Oh yeah, it tanked on original release, but consider it was 1989, up against Batman, ST5: TFF, Indiana Jones, several other big name movies. During testing, it tested well, but just as a fun little comedy, and should have never been put up against the big name flicks. It gained it's audience in the rental market, and used VHS commanded a pretty high price there for a while.

Weird Al was very much involved with the DVD, doing a commentary for the movie and even over the deleted scenes. It's a nice little DVD, and even knowing it had a cult following on VHS, MGM didn't print a very big run and it sold out within a few days. It released on a Tuesday, and I think I went to buy it on a Thursday at Best Buy and it was already out of stock.

Great article here, scroll down a bit for the story of the R1 DVD.

It was originally going to be barebones, but Al wanted it to be an SE. When it did release, it was in the top ten in sales.

Man, now you've got the theme song in my head! If it wasn't so late, I'd put the DVD in now.

Back on topic, I'm definitely looking forward to another viewing of ST XI. Still disappointed we don't have a longer cut, but I imagine that if it happens, it will happen around the release of Star Trek: Something, Something.
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