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Re: Venture Bros 4x02 (Grade and Discuss)

Loved it...missed Brock though I hope he isn't gone for too long.

I think the cringe worthy way they play is he or isn't Captain Sunshine a pedo was but in the end I don't think he is...also the ideal of entire superhero team being a local nightly news team in there secret ids was brilliant.

The Monarch and company were as funny as ever..loved 21 in his "Wolverine" getup.

I'm guessing White and Billy must have won some sort of injury lawsuit to get their money but why they gave it to Rusty is beyond me they had to know they'd lose it.

Still not crazy about Sgt.Hatred as the new bodyguard..but I think thats the point we're not supposed too were supposed to want Brock back.
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