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Re: Ghostwatch Halloween 1992(BBC One)

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I remember seeing it when it first aired. It was very well put together indeed.

As for the parallels to Blair Witch, I feel it owes more to Orson Welles's War of the Worlds radio drama.
You are correct, it probably owes a lot to that. It obviously can't owe anything to Blair Witch since it was a long time before Blair Witch was even made I wish there was the opportunity for more shows like this to be made. But I guess it'd be hard in the age of the internet.
The Blair Witch Project did a good job of it, though, and used the Internet to add some verisimilitude - and publicity - to proceedings.

It's similar to what LOST seemed to do with its significant online presence, use of alternate reality gaming to promote itself, etc.

Any future project would use not only television, film, radio and the Internet, but all sorts of tricks just like an ARG would.
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