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Re: Ghostwatch Halloween 1992(BBC One)

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I remember seeing it when it first aired. It was very well put together indeed.

As for the parallels to Blair Witch, I feel it owes more to Orson Welles's War of the Worlds radio drama.
You are correct, it probably owes a lot to that. It obviously can't owe anything to Blair Witch since it was a long time before Blair Witch was even made I wish there was the opportunity for more shows like this to be made. But I guess it'd be hard in the age of the internet.

Serial Thread Killer I was 10 at the time too, I can't remember how it came about but it was just me, my brother and sister watching it on our own. I think my mam was in the house but it was just us in the living room watching TV.
And yeah, it was very controversial. Apparently not long after a man with a mental problem which gave him a much younger mental age committed suicide due to thinking banging pipes were ghosts like in the show.
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