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Re: SW AU - A Glimmer of Hope

Again, very good, very thorough. I do wonder about the whys and wherefores of Anakin's dis-empowerment, but I do suspect that it has a lot to do with his feeling about Palpatine.

In this course of events, we learn that Anakin was regarded as a hero for his choice. Yet in his view, he must feel like a great fool. The Jedi see him as the man who closed the gate on the barbarians long enough for civilization to gather its things and survive in exile. He, on the other hand, like as not sees himself as the one who opened those gates. Even without the issue of Ahsoka, imagine how many times during the Clone Wars he insisted that Palpatine be informed of what they were doing. Imagine lying in recovery, scarred and in pain, all while you watched yourself from boyhood to manhood giving this fiend everything he needed to undo the civilization you defended and watched others die defending. The fact that the worst was partially averted may be no comfort to him at all.

Excellent again Captain Sarine. I even wonder how Order 66 went down in this reality, what with some Jedi having advance warning.
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