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Ghostwatch Halloween 1992(BBC One)

A conversation on twitter got me thinking about this show from 17 years ago. Almost everyone of my generation seems to remember it because it scared the fuck out of them. I just wondered if it's as universal as it seems to me, or if it's just cos I was 10 at the time it aired that it had such an impact on me.

It came well before Blair Witch or any of those sorts of films, but I guess it's a similar idea. Take a seemingly live/real event and show it without any signs it's actually drama.
I remember watching it live that Halloween night, with my brother and sister(who left before the end).

It was really well done, and it's hard to come by now on DVD, but it's up on youtube in 10 parts. It really seems a shame that we don't get things like this any more, but from what happened after the show I guess it's somewhat understandable that they daren't try and "trick" the audience like that again.
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