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Re: Navy testing two pricey, super-fast warships

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^^ I'll put it like this. The US Navy is currently at 10 carriers. I would not be surprised if, due to changing missions and threats if the size of the carrier force were halved. Reagan wanted 14 carriers, which we had for a period of about 8 months until the USS Coral Sea was decommissioned.
I'm not saying you are wrong - but surely that would leave you some deployment problems? You know better than me how many carriers are in dock/refit at any one time, so assuming that proportion of the fleet stayed the same would there be enough to cover the trouble spots carriers currently cover? Or would you expect something else to take their place?
Again, it's like battleships. They were great back in the days when you wanted to nail the enemy with offshore bombardment; however, they're only effective for 25 miles (more or less). With the Aegis class, a cruise missile can be sent from thousands of miles away, told to hang a left, go 15 miles, turn right, and nail the large building with the water fountain out front.

Typically with the carrier fleet, there is a "ready" carrier that's in port receiving minor maintenance but can theoretically deploy in days if needed, then there's a stand-by carrier, followed by another carrier in dry dock. The other carrier(s) are either on deployment or in the training fleet. And that's on both coasts. Bear in mind that there are rumblings in Japan that the US needs to move out, and the nuclear powered George Washington is currently there. I've heard that the days of a carrier being parked in Japan are numbered.
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