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Re: Venture Bros 4x02 (Grade and Discuss)

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I know they laid it on pretty heavy that Sunshine is a pedo, but maybe it's more of a over protective childlike like mother. Granted all the rest of the gang read it as pedo, which is the joke, but he struck me more in the Norman Bateish sort of crazy vein than Sgt. Hatred type.

And speaking of Sgt. Hatred, the part with Billy and the whole "So it's legal for me to feel..." was really well played for what it was.
You also have to remember that the Monarch killed his last sidekick, which almost explains his overprotectiveness.

Having him sound like Batman was just icing on the cake. I was at a panel at Dragon*Con last year and the creators said that they made him sound more like Batman during the recordings.
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