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Re: Venture Bros 4x02 (Grade and Discuss)

While it was funny, I am disturbed by the amount of pedophilia jokes these guys like to throw into episodes, especially since Sgt. Hatred is/was VB's resident pedo. Capt. Sunshine being that seemed redundant. Although, I will admit, the pedo stuff seemed to be more of a bait and switch kind of joke (for example, you think the lube is for anal sex, when it turns out it is for the slide/costume switch).

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Hilarious episode! It's kinda weird to suddenly introduce a character with Superman-level powers though. Have they ever shown someone with bona fide super powers before...?
Yeah, the Fantastic Four parodies, the Impossibles, though their powers are mostly afflictions rather than useful.
Don't forget the original Team Venture had superpowered characters.
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